LOMA DE LA ERMITA was born in the eighth generation of a family of farmers and ranchers, in which the natural process of each element is respected. The pigs are raised in the wild and feed on acorns, the bees make their honey from the nectar of different flowers and the olive trees are in an optimal environment to offer the best harvest.

Loma de la Ermita and my philosophy of life are intrinsically linked, and are synonymous with nature, people and tradition.” – María Fernandez-Salvador


The main value of our company is the people who take care of the Dehesas and the animals every day and carefully hand-pick the raw material ready to be transformed. With their talent, they work each piece by hand to always offer the best to our customers.


Loma de la Ermita is located in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, surrounded by an immense grove where holm oaks and cork oaks predominate. Its extensive vegetation makes it the perfect place for animals to feed and develop in freedom.


Thanks to our privileged location, the know-how of our artisans and the quality of the raw material that nature offers us, we achieve the delicacy, softness and unique flavor of each Loma de la Ermita product. Our mission is to sensually transport the client to our paradise, so that they can enjoy the flavor and tradition with each bite.