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Cured Sheep Cheese wedge

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Natural Bark, smeared with Olive Oil and colored dark yellow, presenting the typical engraving originated by
old esparto folds. Its body is compact, cream-colored, where you can notice the presence of small eyes of mechanical origin.

Tasting notes: Hard cheese with a firm texture and slightly brittle when cut, but soft on the palate. Clean and elegant taste. Mild aroma of sheep’s milk and fruits dry, with sweet touches in the aftertaste. Persistence: median.


In stock

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Cured Sheep Cheese wedge:

Our cheeses, winners of many international awards, are produced from the milk of sheep and goats of the Payoya breed that are free and feed on natural pastures.

Our cheeses are 100% natural and without preservatives and are made exclusively with fresh, fresh milk. The team of master cheesemakers makes all the products by hand and thus offer the highest quality of each piece.

Ingredients: Made with Pasteurized Sheep Milk, as well Lactic Ferments, Rennet, also Calcium Chloride and Salt.
Without Additives or Preservatives.

Use: Consume at room temperature (between 20 and 22ºC).

Conservation: Store between 4 and 7ºC


Depending on the maturation time, there are different formats:

– 3 kg has a minimum maturation of 210 days.

– 1.5 kg has a minimum ripening time of 150 days.

– 1 kg has a minimum maturity of 90 days.

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