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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Caviar

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This innovative natural packaging system for extra virgin olive oil is appropriate for the presentation of your most exquisite dishes.

Its seaweed coating maintains the flavor of the oil and is the special touch to decorate your dinners.

On salads, meats, baked or in sauces they provide an explosion of flavor on the palate.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Caviar:

This innovative natural packaging system comes from the professional kitchen and simplifies access to molecular and avant-garde cuisine for everyone. It is a great way to bring a sophisticated and innovative touch to any recipe, simple or complex, and gives a special touch to decorate your dishes.

On salads, meats, baked or in sauces, they bring an explosion of flavor to the palate.

Each sphere has a diameter of 5 to 8 mm. Each one is composed of a thin gelatin membrane of vegetable origin.

The pearls also increase the nutritional value of the food to which they are added.

They have great thermal stability and withstand temperatures up to 100ºC. This makes them the perfect complement also for your hot dishes.

– Omega 3.
– Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids
– Polyphenols.
– Vitamin E.

In cold dishes as decoration and dressing
Baked holds up to 100º
On hot meats, also fish, vegetables and pasta they serve as decoration and intensify their flavor.

Keep in a cool, above all dry place away from light.

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