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Oak Honey

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Holm oak honey is a variety known to the privileged few due to its scarcity and its dependence on the climate. Dark in color (almost black), with greenish or reddish reflections, it has a fairly strong flavor. Iron is one of the natural elements of this honey, and it is what gives it its dark hue.

Ingredients: pure oak honey.

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Oak Honey:

Loma de la Ermita honey is obtained exclusively from our bees because this way we guarantee that its elaboration comes from the flowers of the environment.

The hives are strategically located so that our bees feed on the nectar of the flowers that we offer: avocado, thousand flowers, orange blossom and oak.
The process of obtaining honey is simple and traditional. It involves the beekeeper and manual centrifuges. After a short decantation period, the honey is packed.

Contains enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and organic acids
Treats wounds, aches, coughs and illnesses
It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibiotic
Hydrates hair and skin

Natural sweetener
Softens the acidity of the tomato and the flavor of the meat
Serves to clarify wines and juices
Used to freeze fruits and ice cream
Enhances the flavor of dairy

In a closed jar and away from sunlight
Do not freeze

If you are a honey lover we recommend the Honey Lovers Box in which you can try all four varieties because you will be able to taste all of them. These are: Orange Blossom Honey, Thousand Flower Honey, Avocado Honey and Oak Honey. We also recommend you the Cheese lover you can enjoy the Cheese Lovers Box.

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